At Garden Posts we aim to be different. We strive to provide authentic, researched and tested methods, tips and how to guides.  We only use credible research and resources and thoroughly test every fact and source to ensure all details are factual and authentic.

Utilising not only our own knowledge, resources and expertise, we conduct thorough research and investigation to uncover latest methodologies or techniques to help our readers.

All facts are meticulously checked by qualified horticulturists and editors and we regularly review content to ensure it’s up to date and includes all the latest research or insight.

While some areas and techniques are heavily debated between horticulturalist, growers and botanists, we aim to provide a considered and balanced view, however, if you believe any fact or method to be inaccurate, please contact us.

About the Author

Garden Posts is authored by Graeme Radford, a UK based horticulturalist and researcher with a desire to enhance his own horticultural knowledge every day.

Since Graeme was a child, helping his Grandfather grow beans, onions, carrots, roses, and more, his love for all types of plant continued to grow and he dreamed of becoming a professional horticulturalist. Graeme now spends his time sowing, propagating and growing all types of plants. In addition to this, Graeme expands his horticultural knowledge by visiting gardens worldwide, reading, researching and writing.

Graeme continues to travel worldwide to expand his plant knowledge and discover new and exciting plants to improve his knowledge and to share with others.

If you’d like to get in touch, please contact me.