Garden Swing Seat

swing seat

Garden Swing Seat from Sitting Spiritually

Ever since we moved into this house, we have been looking for a wooden garden swing seat, however, every time we went to look at any, we were never impressed with how durable they appeared. That was until we visited RHS Wisely and sat on one overlooking the Trial Fields.

This seat was well built, incredibly comfortable and looked like it would last for years and years.

We discovered the seat was made by Sitting Spiritually. So, one Sunday afternoon, I sent them a contact form via their website and to my surprise I got a call back within minutes (on a Sunday!). I was impressed.

We ended up ordering the same design we had sat on at Wisely. It’s a 3 seater Tranquility in oak with fan back, steel suspension springs and wine shelves (of course).

When the bench was finished, Sitting Spiritually emailed over photos of our seat before collecting the outstanding balance and arranging delivery.

swing seat in workshop

The seat was delivered at exactly the time promised and was erected onsite by the delivery company.

Here are a few picture of our seat in place.

swing seat fan back

swing seat sitting spiritually logo

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