Spring Bulb Planting

We ordered lots of spring flowering bulbs during August from the Gee Tee Bulb Company.

They arrived safely on Friday, all beautifully boxed with detailed instructions included. Although I obviously can’t see the quality of the blooms as yet, Gee Tee Company certainly seem to provide a good service.

Gee Tee Box

And here is what was inside:

Gee Tee Bulbs

Allium – Mount Everest Qty 10
Allium – Aflatunense Qty 10
Allium – Mont Blanc Qty 10
Tulips – Mount Tacoma Qty 100
Double Narcissi – Bridal Crown Qty 100
Triandrus Narcissi – Thalia Qty 550
Galanthus (Snowdrop) – Nivalis Single Qty 100
Chionodoxa – Luciliae Alba Qty 100
Triteleia – Hyacintha Qty 100
Puschkinia – Libanotica Alba Qty 100

As we have over 1,000 bulbs to plant, there is no time like the present to get started.

The first job was to plant daffodils down the entire frontage of the house. That’s what the 550 daffodil bulbs (Triandrus Narcissi Thalia) were for. We had calculated that to plant the 130 foot length of grass between the gates, spacing each bulb around 6 inches apart in two staggered rows, we would need about 520 daffodil bulbs (and a few spares).

First of all we put a string line down the entire length of the frontage. The line was placed about 2 feet out from the hedge line so as to provide sufficient space for a lawn mower between the hedge and the first row of bulbs and to ensure the hedge doesn’t shade the daffodils once the hedge is more established.

Bulb Planting Tools

Here are our tool:

Our tools comprised of a Joseph Bentley Stainless Steel Long Handled Bulb Planter, a hand trowel (to help get around any large stones) and some bulbs!

The long handled bulb planter is a god send if you have a large volume of bulbs to plant in grass.

Bulb Planting Tools 2

Push the bulb cutter into the grass using a firm foot and a bit of a wiggle. I would advise wearing gloves to avoid blisters!

For these daffodil bulbs we are planting approx. 6″ to 7″ deep.

Long Handled Bulb Planter

When you pull the planter out from the first hole, the plug will be stuck inside the planter, just go ahead and push it back into the turf to dig the second hole. As you do, the first plug will pop up out the top.

Bulb Planting Soil Plug

Gently remove the plug and set it aside.

Bulb Planting Plug

Next, pop a bulb into each hole, roots facing downward.

Planting Bulbs

Finally, pop the soil plug back in the hole and firm down with your foot.

This method is great as it leaves the lawn looking virtually untouched.

Happy planting.

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