Allium Galore

In October 2010 I bought some Garlic Solent Wight and Shallot Griselle from Suttons Seeds. I also bought some red onion.

I planted all the bulbs about 2 inches deep and a hand (or around 9 inches) apart.

These were left over winter under fleece.

I harvested these in mid July this year.

Shallots, Onions and Garlic

I left everything to dry out in the shed for a few weeks.

Drying Allium

The onions were fantastic. All came up and most of a very good size and excellent flavour. Regrettably we have eaten them all now, so I plan to plant a lot more this year. Perhaps a little tighter together.

The garlic was varied. Some large bulbs a few medium sized and a couple of small, but all in all a respectable crop and enough to see us through a few months.

The shallots were a huge success. More than enough to see us through the year.

Shallot Griselle

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