Our Garden

Our Garden

Our plot is just under an acre in South Oxfordshire, not far from the River Thames.

The front garden is mostly laid to lawn. The frontage has a rail and post fence that has recently planted natural hedging comprised of beech, hawthorn, blackthorn and field maple. We lost a few beech whips, but most are doing well and the hedge is starting to look a little more established now.

We have planted three oak and three beech trees between the gateways, although one of these has since died and will need to be replaced. We suspect the cause of death was the thick clay soil the tree was planted into, combined with a blocked root watering hose.

A large part of the back garden is laid to lawn and functions as football pitch, rugby field, tennis court and cricket oval to our 3 boys.

Tucked away at the back of the garden we have two raised vegetable patches, a greenhouse and shed.

This is the first season we have had the greenhouse and it wasn’t erected until May, so it was a little late this year.

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